about me

My name is Tyler Puryear and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee | Knoxville in the College of Architecture and Design.  I spend a lot of time studying and perfecting my profession in order to make the best design I have to offer.

My other passion or dream is to create thrilling and exciting novels and stories.  I do not consider myself the best writer by any means, I, in fact, did not like English class in school, but rather Math.  However, I do consider myself very imaginative! Thus I am fond of using my imagination to its full potential, not only in design, but in creating stories such as Vengier.  I have read many books in the science fiction realm and have dreamt of publishing one myself.  My ultimate goal is to publish the Twin Blade Trilogy, though I do have more in my head.

The Twin Blade Trilogy is a story I have been brewing up since I was in 6th grade.  It is hard to fathom that I have been day dreaming for years since then about this story.  Throughout the years I have changed the story many times in my head whether its new characters, adding new features/technology, taking things away, or revising the old.  I have even changed part of the plot in how it all is laid out, but the overall idea, or should I say character, since I was in sixth grade has not changed but grew to something more fascinating than I had ever expected.  I now would love to share this with you and whoever is interested in the Sci-Fi genre.  Please visit the "books" page for more information on my books.

I will be editing and updating this blog as frequently as time permits me.  I hope you enjoy my novels and would love to hear your thoughts or opinions.